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Posted by Paul Rose on 29/04/2013   Email

Good to see my first scout group is going strong, just wondered what happened for it to close for a while. I were there from 1978-1982 Mrs Brandrath was Akela,Baloo spent a lot of time in hong Kong (name escapes me) and we had Chill,a young lass who worked on a local farm.

Posted by Sonya Baker on 01/03/2013   Email

Hi we would just like to say that our daughter Courtney has just joined and she really enjoys Scouts because she likes doing,learning new things and also she likes meeting and making new friends. Courtney enjoyed the tree planting, cooking etc... and she cant wait to do/learn more skillls/things.

Posted by Special Constable 3010 John Reeves on 15/11/2012

Dear Filliongley 2nd Beavers and Cubs We would like to say a big Thank you for allowing us to come and speak to you on our topics. We really enjoyed talking to you, and we hope you had a great evening too. It was pleasant evening for us, as you were all very well behaved and we would like to come and visit again very soon. Yours sincerely Special Constable 3010 John Reeves Special Constable 3497 Karen Broadbent

Posted by Jason glover on 09/05/2011   Email

Hey just thought I'd come say hello And hope the groups are doing well I've just joined exploreres and hope to be in them for as long as possible and then hopefully I'm going into network and maybe one day I'll become a leader myself I would also like to say thankyou for letting me be in cubs and scouts for all that time and thanks for all the good camps and memories and would also like to wish you all the best from Jason

Posted by Steven Gill on 21/07/2010

This new website is being set up as the old provider withdrew there service It may take a while to set up so be patient The new service provided free by BT is still being developed so not all functionality is available I could do with a helping hand so if you are interested in learning (it is simple) please drop a line, it could be a student wanting to learn website skills etc

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