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We meet on a Thursday night between 7.45 and 9.45pm. We do lots of fun activities such as Cooking, Climbing and Canoeing. Also the not so interesting ones but those that are very useful, like Map Reading and Walking, but doing these though, with the good friends we have at explorers are great and memorable activities. Below is a diary of what we have done since 2012.


Connor Jones - Queen Scout Award 2016
Connor Jones has completed his Queen Scout Award and will be going to Windsor Castle for his
The Queen’s Scout award.
"I’m a member of Fillongley Falcons explorer scouts and have just completed my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award and Queen’s Scout Award. I will go to Windsor Castle in April and St James’s Palace next year to receive them."
I’ve been a member of Scouts for the last 10.5 years, and completed over 120 nights away including many camps.

To get the Gold Duke of Edinburgh’s Award I’ve done over 6 months of cycling training, over 12 months of Piano lessons/ improvement, over 12 months of being a young leader, 2 four day expeditions in the Yorkshire Dales & went away for 4 nights with a team people I did not know.
At the end I had to give a presentation at the end based on all my experience.
There are many more explorers to follow this trend in the following years to come. The Fillongley scout group is now providing the opportunity for all of its members that move up to explorers to take part in the Duke of Edinburgh award and the Queens’s Scout award. The Fillongley scout group and explorer unit is expanding which means that more children will be able to earn these two awards and give them a great start in life. 
Children that participate in scouts will have a huge advantage at being able to complete these two awards as they gain the essential skills (team-working, survival and communication to name a few) at scouts which will be needed for the sections of the Duke of Edinburgh award and is something that is not really provided at schools as they don’t have the skills or facilities which is why a lot of children who just go to school struggle to do awards. 
So for parents out there that have children and want to give them the best chance in life, bring them down to the Fillongley scout group/explorer group where they will have a fun time, gain new skills and with a bit of effort and hard work achieve an award at the end that makes them stand out!
Connor Jones
Fillongley Falcons


Ready Steady Cook 

Easter Eggs

Mascot and Banners

 Porthmadog - Snowdonia
We all went on a Winter walking weekend to practice using Ice Axes and walking in snow. it was a short walk but we found enough snow to leran some basic skills which we can build on next time, and it was great fun sledging down at the end and throwing a few snow balls! Thanks to 1st Porthmadog Scouts for letting us sleep in the hut

Mam Tor
Several of the Explorers went over to Castleton to do a short walk, going through the village and then over Mam Tor

 3 Yorkshire Peaks Challenge
40km, 1500m height gain, in under 12 hrs, who would be mad enough to do that? turns out, Explorers. 2 of the Explorers manage to successfully climb Pen-y-ghent, Whenside and Ingleborough in 11h45. as well as another 2 taking part in the walk and achieving their potential


Water bucket challenge 
In aid of Josh's Prayers the unit and the rest of the Scout group did the Water Bucket Challenge. we all got completely soaked and raised money for a good cause

Silver Sunday
Silver Sunday was an afternoon tea Party for the oven 60's. So of course what do we do? We teach them Circus skills!  I think they enjoyed themselves thoroughly learning to jungle or use the diablo

Pudding Party 
In order to raise funds for the World Scout Jamboree in Japan, we organised a Pudding Party, with at least 30 different puddings of various shapes and flavourings.we raised over £600 and thank you to anyone that supported us

Nigel Khron
3 of the Explorers decided they were going to stage a bicycle accident, with one of them with concussion, another in shock, and the 3rd with a broken leg. - with several smashed up helmets and a bike included. All in aid  of a First Aid base for a Scout competition. 

GateWay - Transport 
Gate Way in a camp where explorers help adults with learning disabilities from across the country to experience what we would normally do on camp. this years theme was transport so our base was a rope bridge for them to walk along. there was also a disco and the food was amazing, we are definatly helping out again next year!!!

Chamonix 2014
In the summer we joined up with Caludon Explorers to co to Chamonix in the French Alps. No one could say they didn't enjoy it, doing water sports, tobboganing, climbing, walking inside an Ice Cave, the list goes on. Hopefully we'll be able to go back again some day

Survival Camp 
in torrential  rain and a thunder storm, we helped out with the scouts Survival Camp, plucking Wood Pigeon, building shelters, and most importantly sustaining a Fire

Mountain Biking Camp

During summer several of the explorers went weekly to Coventry Canal Basin, to learn how to Canoe and Kayak and in the end achieving out BCU 2Star. As well as this we did several day trips, kayaking to the centre of Birmingham, and down part of the River Wye

 Silver Duke of Edinburgh Expedition
4 of the unit did both their Practice and real expedition in the White Peaks, climbing over the Roaches and walking through Dovedale to learn about the geology of the area

March 2014
Curry Night 
Everyone had a fantastic evening, cooking and serving for over 60 people in order to raise over £600 for out trip to Chamonix in the summer

January 2014
 Hockey Competition
There was a hockey competition between all of the units in Bablake. Unfortunately we did not win due to a few overhead height goals

  December 2013
Night Hike and Movie Night
we had a great night hike then afterwards having pizza and chips while watching despicable me
the perfect combination!!! 

 November 2013
Swimming Gala
Due to our Good fortune we won the swimming Gala again! the other explorer groups need to star putting in some effort to stop us winning next year!

  October 2013
Wheelie bin racing
we acquired some abandoned wheelie bins ad great fun painting them and racing them
28th September 2013
 First aid Base - Nigel Khrone
Our acting got put to the test to act hurt, we fooled most of he groups into believing us an had amazing fun at the same time. hopefully we will be able to run the base again next year.
25th September 2013
Archery Competition
Well done to the team  winning the archery competition with quite a few bulls eyes scored. 

13 -15th September 2013
 Archery Camp
We started camp in the rain but it soon became dry and we had a camp to Archery, Tracking and Tennis.
20th-25th July 2013
Summer Camp - Brownsea Island
We had an amazing time on Brownsea Island, the Home of Scouting. We did different water activities as well as looking at the wildlife. we also met a group of Spanish Scouts from Malaga and had a Campfire, silly Olympics and a party with them. And they invited us back to Malaga! 

There are lots more pictures in the Galllery
30th July 2013
We all went Kayaking in a local pond. Then on the Saturday a few of us went on a river trip down the Severn from Arley to Bewdley
  14th -15th May 2013
D of E Bronze Practice Expedition
We went to Winchcombe in the Cotswold, where we had to walk for two days with a camp in between, carrying all our equipment. our aim was to find out about the history of the Cotswolds 

May 10th 2013
 We did a one night camp as a practice to our D of E and on the next day doing a walk following instructions rather than a map.

  May 2013
We won the District cooking competition. Cooking an Indian themed menu. with Chicken Tikka Masala as the main Course.
Winning 2 competitions out of 3 ain't that bad!

 Easter 2013

Easter Eggs, we all made our own chocolate Easter eggs. getting chocolate every where, but overall eating as much chocolate as we can

  16th-17th March 2013
 We did a two day Expedition in the Cotswolds for our Bronze Dof E. by the end of it we were all tired and cold, we had great fun in the snow though, and don't forget the mud!

 22nd and 24th Febuary 2013
            Tree Planting - We gained 400 trees for the Diamond Jubilee last Year. we now had the trees so we just had to plant them. so over two days with about 30 people on each we planted these trees. They were two extremely cold days, we only just managedto get through with the help of hot chocolate, Soup and Jokes!
   17th February 2013
            Clent Hills Walk, we had a lovely day in the sunshine walking around the Clent hills. all working on our Map Reading Ability

January 2013
            Rifle shooting competition. We did very well only missing the target once. Unfortunately though they were no able to win. Well done to the team though!


4th January 2013
            We are starting our Duke of Edinbourgh Award Scheme. So we decide to go for a walk from the otherside of Bedworth back to Fillongley with just over 10kg on our backs. It was a nice sunny day and we had great fun!


21st December 2012
            As a Christmas treat we all went Adrenalin Tubing at the Snowdome, then to the fish and chips shop afterwards! It was extreamly enjoyable and we would recommend it.


            2nd December 2012
Christmas Tree Festival and Cake Sale. We managed to raise £120 for our two chosen charities; Christ the King Football Club and Embody( A Dance School for disabled people). We also came joint 3rd In the Christmas Tree competition in our class.

23rd November 2012
            Night Hike Then Movie, It was a great night overall. We walked from Meridan back to Fillongley Scout Hut. Then we watched Johnny English Reborn and ate popcorn and hot dogs all night.


November 2012
As a district there is a swimming Gala which anyone can participate in. So as a unit we did. However we were the only unit to do so, so we automaticaly won. We still took part in all the races and Olly got over his fear of swimming!
19th October 2012
Survival camp; we walked to where we were camping,then had to try and survive the weekend without tents (this meant sleeping under sheets of plastic). On the Saturday night we had a joint campfire with the Scouts and the 7 of us were invested.



12th October 2012
 We invested our first leader, and named our selves Fillongley Falcons Explorer Group!

8th October 2012
All of the County went to Rough Close for a skills day and to meet Bear Grylls our Chief Scout. Here we worked on bases teaching Beavers and Cubs basic skills in knot work.



 September 2012
 A few of us went with the scouts and kayaked at Stratford on Avon. we went down the wiers and played throw and catch on the water. we only had one casualty just as Alex was getting out he fell into the water. we all laughed about it afterwards.

6th September
 After a lot of attempts we have finally got an Explorer Unit in Fillongley!!!

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